Chicago Worx is dedicated to showcasing the visual artists that hail from the city of wind. Chicago is home to an amazing array of visual artists that span every point of the creative spectrum. We started our journey through the late 90’s as a team of event coordinators and have always helped artists showcase their work to the masses through art installations, gallery exhibits, live showcases and getting their products in stores.

The common issue we always came across was our fellow artists always had trouble being able to reproduce their artwork on a larger scale to offer their fans. After years of watching this repetitious problem occur, we decided to take action and invest in our artists production needs and offer them an easy way to make big moves with no worries and risks that are often involved in financing their own products out of pocket.

We’ve partnered with an amazing production suite to help bring our favorite artists works to life in new and exciting ways. We help our spotlight artists curate and create awesome gear featuring their own artwork, allowing them to push apparel, wall art, accessories and more to the masses with a print on demand marketplace. Every item is made to order so your favorite artist doesn’t have to spend a fortune testing new products and risking thousands of dollars in trying to find the one product that makes waves.